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Products and Research

Payment System and Research

On the information portal PayLikeMe! we focus on the research in the area of payments that make use ot the modern trends in payment systems. 

We bring experience from over the world and look into options how to apply it in the Czech Republic.

We focus on these areas:

– Digital process of cash payments

– Payment cards and card virtualization

– Direct banking and use of PSD2

– New payment technologies

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Studio 3


The time of Coronavir brought us a few positive things. In addition to the basic ones associated with people's solidarity, the awareness of fear for their loved ones and their health has also helped to increase the overall ambition to use online technologies across all human activities.


Online shopping is a routine for almost all of us. Almost everyone who has the opportunity could try working from home at this time.


Given the situation over the past eight (8) months, we are aware that it is still possible to improve the use of online communication technologies especially now that our country is going through probably the most challenging test in our modern history.


With several experts, we have created a studio called Studio 3, which helps us to organize video conferences and webinars for our business partners, who are happy to use our moderating experience. See more at

Payment terminals

and fiscal Point of Sale

Today, it is crystal clear to everyone that on May 1st, that the 3rd and 4th waves of the Electronic Sales Register (EET) not start. 

Due to the coronavirus, the 3rd and 4th waves of EET starts after 3 months when the current outbreak stops. All business entities which receives cash have to be ready until this forced date.   


​However, we would like to emphasize what prompted the launch of this activity :

  • Our solution was focused mainly on the development of new payment methods using not only payment cards but also through payment purses, including direct payments. ( immediate payments from the client's account to the entrepreneur's account ) Included are simple tools for marketing support.

  • Our position in developing an application for payment terminals was not based on only of EET support, but rather on using this necessary wave to improve the technological capabilities of small retailers of goods and services.

  • Our goal is to help new users get through the installation and registration in financial administration more efficiently. Further help with operation and maintenance of the whole complex system thanks to modern technologies and digitization of the whole process.

  • At the same time, we have prepared a portal for developers to help implement for customers who need a larger and more complex implementation.


In these times, cross border acquirers are taking over activities of local banks, which in turn don’t need to devote additional resources to their own acquiring. We work with the banks to develop new digital products for payment processing on regular payment terminals and for eCommerce.

We develop new products in close co-operation with these banks. These products are in line with the newest requirements of the card industry.


We mainly focus on "Strong Customer Authentication" with connection to the mobile apps of the card providers using API interfaces of the banks.

We expand the payment possibilities and the trends with implementation of PSD2



We help with creating innovative solutions to processing mobile payments using virtualized payment cards and primarily through methods which use PSD2

We expand software development communities which in turn can create interesting products and business models based on immediate (instant) guaranteed payments. 

New directive of the European Union (PSD2) is gradually coming to practice in Czech Republic. In connection with instant payments it is about implementation of guaranteed payment orders between individual bank accounts of their clients using the mobile apps of the banks.

You can find more information on website

Cash Management


We focus on the process digitization of and around standard methods, i.e., cash payment. The main objective is to help payment scheme participants cope with the optimization of cash usage.


In current times when the digitization trend in on the rise, it is necessary to follow on and optimize the use of the payment. That is especially important in times when cash payment use is rising with double-digit growth. 


Card Issuing

Payment cards are the most widespread tool of cashless payments, and they play a significant role in mobile payments via digital tokens in the form of their virtualization.


We help our business partners with the creation of new products and their business models in both the traditional and nontraditional world of payment.