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We offer consulting services

Nowadays, it is not easy to get to know all the news in the area of payment services and various technologies. We help to create a picture of the right business model.

Within our offer of consulting services we offer the following interesting topics:

  • The transition from traditional payments to the digital world.

  • Online KYC procedures to simplify the process of online onboarding new clients through new modern channels.

  • Card payments versus direct banking.

  • Principles of Digital Acquiring (POS / eCommerce).

  • Valuation of business plans in search of a strategic investor.


Even during the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, we are ready to provide you with full-fledged consulting services. Thanks to our experience with modern technologies, we have the free capacity to address all topics and help move into the new era in the areas of payment options within the general digitalization of society. We have standard modern communication tools that allow us to perform our consulting and analytical orders entirely online..

We offer you our experience and time, which you can now use to move quickly into the digital age when this outbreak is over. In case of your interest please contact us at

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